Yesterday Into Day

by Gary Craig

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(1st verse) Listen close and heed these words the story I tell is true but oh the ones who'll understand are few Father time is swift with age his patience grows so thin He anxiously awaits your battle to win (Bridge) Watch yourselves on carousels of time that turn so fast They disappear and never seem to last Do your deeds and memories Enjoy them while you can 'cuz these are times that won't come again (2nd verse) Listen close to what I say Your living for today Time can be wasted, killed or spent you don't own it, you just pay the rent (Chorus) Your riding on a carousel of time will you ever have piece of mind seems the longer that your on this ride it's turning faster Your riding on a carousel of time a carnival of life and your the show step right up you'll be next in line your riding on a carousel of time
(1st Verse) I feel the wind coming on Feel the winter's chill sing my song Pack my bags and say goodbye to all my friends Everybody knows the loser never wins (2nd Verse) Looking out the cargo door as I'm rolling down the track Watch my life go by in that little paper sack Going town to town never knowing where I've been Everybody's got a story seems to never end (Chorus) I've seen the people cry I've heard the people sing I watched a poor boy pray as the church bell started to ring I've seen the buildings rise and I've seen the buildings fall It seems to me it means nothing at all (3rd Verse) 50 years from now who'll remember me Maybe one day They'll write a song for me Sing about some people who always lived life free Then the world will know what they ought to be (2nd Chorus) I've seen the people cry I've heard the people sing I watched a poor boy pray as the church bell started to ring I've seen the buildings rise and I've seen the buildings fall It seems to me I could be wrong after all (3rd Chorus) Sing along with the lonely hobo song the words will go on and on and on Feel free to join in if your life's going wrong 'cuz when we sing we're not alone anymore
(1st verse) I remember when you learned your abc's you seemed like a sweet child to me You grew up in the best surroundings always happy and free (2nd verse) Remember when we would go to the store and listen to the juke box on the floor Our dreams of being out on stage we always knew we'd make it someday (Bridge) What do you want to become of yourself can't you see yourself, your sitting on the shelf Where is all the love for all the people can't you see yourself putting on the show (3rd verse) Now that time is constantly rolling on I think I'll write this song See the kid learning his abc's that sweet child was me (2nd Bridge) Now that I have found the meaning of myself Jump down off the shelf Feeling all the love from all the people because I'm the one that's putting on the show (Chorus) Putting on the show (putting on the show) Make the feeling grow (make the feeling grow) Take your spirits high (take your spirits high) Let your spirit fly (let your spirit fly)
Mirrors 04:54
(1st verse) I've seen your face before in this long forgotten world What has happened to this place since from God's hand was hurled (2nd verse) Once there was beauty full of love and life but many years have passed and faded into night (Chorus) Mirrors lying in the frame, I see your face again Pictures of what you used to be Mirrors hanging on the wall, I always seem to fall Time shall take away my dreams (2nd verse) I've traveled a long road from my happy younger days but I remember you, through a cloudy haze (Chorus) (3rd verse) Time has past so swiftly I'm sorry to say I'll miss you very much I know that you can't stay (4th verse) Time will move and change me till I change no more who knows where I'll be next I'll take the skies and soar
1st Verse Years ago I was in the street I was learning how to keep the beat Watched my idols on the stage Their hands in fists of rage Though it seemed their lives were in a cage, never bothered me 2nd Verse We were just youths in life We were just too beside ourselves We were with our own kind The only thing on our minds Was having such a good good time It never bothered me Bridge Something in my heart felt wrong Emptiness has lasted way too long Can you save me Chorus It never bothered me but You were right there from the start It never bothered me Till your spotlight hit my heart 3rd Verse You were standing by me then Waiting patiently for me to let you in Shine your light to guide me near and make the darkness diappear where there's never any fear To never bother me Bridge Something in my heart has changed There is a way to take away the pain and forever Chorus It never bothered me but You were right there from the start It never bothered me Till your spotlight hit my heart
Davita 03:45
(1st verse) Here come Davita woman silk smile, leather dream Here comes the devil's woman hear the siren scream (2nd verse) She keeps the fires burning never can say no She brings a nightmare to it's knees a livewire flash fire show (Chorus) Hand off Davita baby no good comes from bad Lay down the leather lady one more boy's been had (3rd verse) Mama do you hear her singing she's calling out my name Midnight eyes will hold me never be the same (2nd Chorus) Hands off Davita baby no good come from bad lay down the leather lady makes your mind go mad (4th verse) Beware the devil's woman she makes the darkness call be careful where you stand Davita's burning down the walls
War Torn 03:06
(1st verse) I wake up every night in a cold cold sweat but my mind is burning I am accountable to the very last one they're eyes are turning (Chorus) Woah is me, should I ever been born Low are we, who are the war torn (2nd verse) I scream for help but my screams fall down on a million deaf ears I still fight to save my life even though the war's been over now for years
Generations 05:04
(1st verse) Sunday morning sunrise, congregation renewing the power inside me Monday morning rising, my wife's still asleep going to man the boats, to feel God's reach (2nd verse) Life on the sea is special to me feeling the waves, the sun bleach my hair Life on the sea means everything to me in this world there's nothing that can compare (3rd verse) If you could know as I know above and beyond of what's right and wrong You see this is not a story of man can you believe in what I stand for (Bridge) 2 generations ago my grandfather sailed the seven seas now I'm glad to know my son wants to be just like me (4th verse) Sing me a song from the depths of the sea I'm feeling as you I want to be free Why can't the world learn a lesson from you why can't they learn from the deep color blue, as you


released April 10, 2021


all rights reserved



Gary Craig Athens, Alabama

In the year 1984, Gary began his long trek playing with several bands and performing across the United States and the world. Today, Gary writes songs and composes music because it will always be in his blood.

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